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Have you got a location in mind or a rough idea of where you want to go and what you want to achieve? The options are available to get outside and paddle with friends and family. River Tribe can help you build an adventure, work out the logistics and make your day, weekend or week long adventure happen. Call Keith on 0457 902 966 to discuss the options.


Kayaks, camping and related equipment is available for hire, call, book and pick it up for very reasonable rates emaiL info@rivertribeadventures.com for a quote and to book.​ Kayak Hire: $50/day, hire includes kayak, paddle and Life vest.

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Status:                      Tour open and ready for bookings  

Tour Name:             Kayak Overnight    

Time Allowed:           No restrictions here, enjoy the river and get back before the bats come out

Distance:                   Options include 16km, 18km, 20km and 24km from 1.5 to 2 days

Departure Times:      Varied departure times based on guest needs

Grade:                         Easy to moderate river conditions suitable for adults up for a challenge  - check the river conditions for                                           more information

For:                             Everyone. From 16 years and over. 

Notes:                          Tour and safety notes are provided with a little helpful guidance

Cost:                           for further details please visit the Ovens River overnight page 

Overnight kayaking is an amazing experience especially in the North East and along the Ovens River. Paddle by day and camp at night with a bushfire and a few beers.  The twinkling stars will keep you company and in the morning enjoy an exclusive view of the river.

Overnight kayak adventures can be facilitated with camping equipment or guests can supply their own gear. If you need equipment and supplies River Tribe can supply: dry bags, dry box, tents, sleeping mats and bags, kitchen, stove and other camping equipment. River Tribe can also provide food provisioning and two menu options are available. To book please email info@rivertribeadventures.com, for further details please visit the
Ovens River overnightpage 


Explore the Ovens River on a self-guided tour (guided options are available). Select one of the three tours from below or build your own adventure. Guests are met at a designated departure point where free, safe parking and amenities are available and take you upstream to the launch point. Guests are provided with everything needed  for a leisurely paddle back to the meeting point where the River Tribe team will be waiting for your arrival. 

​Ovens River Billabongs Kayak

Tour Name:                 Ovens River Billabongs Kayak (Ovens River Local is available also)
Times:                         11:30am daily. No return restrictions, enjoy the river and get back before the bats come out.                                                            Alternative times may be available for groups.
Distance:                   7km. At an average pace a 1-2 hour paddle time. Allow 30 minutes to an hour for logistics.
Grade:                         Easy to moderate and suitable for all abilities. Some kayak pulling and beach or tree traversing may                                            be required.
For:                              Everyone. From 5 and up, children can share a kayak with Mum or Dad.
Safety:                        This is a self-guided tour. A safety brief and tour notes are provided.
Upgrades:                   Guided options and/or kayak tuition from $25/person.
Logistics:                  Guests meet at Apex Park, Wangaratta and are transported up river to the launch point.                                                                      Guests call when they arrive back at Apex Park. The following equipment is included:                                                                        kayak, paddle, seats, life vest, map and tour notes.
What to bring:           Sunscreen, hat and water are a must. Picnic, snacks, Towel and water proofing for your phone/camera.
Cost:                            $79/adult, minimum 2 adults. (This tour will run with a minimum of 2 guests.

You will love kayaking on the stunning Ovens River, this tour has been designed for all adventurer types wanting to get a real taste of the great Australian river and bushland.

This self-guided experience (guide options are available) traverses one of the best sections of the Ovens River with its rich flora and fauna, amazing river vistas and a real feeling that you are far away from the crowds and immersed in the native Australian landscape.  The river gently twists and turns its way through North East Victoria’s bush and farmlands. You will experience a river in its very natural state, one of few left in Victoria and one that helps the kayaker experience a very rich and natural environment. It is certainly an experience that makes you feel that you are amongst the true Australian bush. 

River Tribe describes this stretch of river as un-touched, slightly adventurous and as safe as you want it to be. You will thoroughly enjoy this intimate section of river with it narrowing points, over-hanging trees, river beaches and undulating banks. You will probably be the only ones out on the river and you will gain a sense of adventure and will be able to capture many moments to remember.

When you stop and take a look, the river is full of life, it is a menagerie of Australian wildlife not often seen from the land, the experience feels healthy, very natural, relaxing yet invigorating and above anything else… revitalising.​ This is the perfect little adventure to help you unwind and gain a real perspective on the Australian lands.


Status:                       Tour open and ready for bookings  

Tour Name:              Tarrawingee Kayak or Tarrawingee Paddle for Picnic 

Time Allowed:            No restrictions here, enjoy the river and get back before the bats come out

Distance:                    Options include 16km, 18km, 20km and 24km from 4 to 5 hours to a whole day

Departure Times:       11:30am or earlier depending on your needs and ability

Grade:                          Easy river conditions suitable for teenagers and up - check the river conditions for more information

For:                              Everyone. From 12 and up that are up for a challenge

Notes:                          Tour and safety notes are provided with a little helpful guidance

Cost:                            $89 or $99 /person (minimum of 2). $119/Person with a picnic. Group discounts may be available. Prices                                          are shown in $AUS .

This longer paddle is for the more able kayaker looking to go out for longer, see more and have a bit more of an adventure. With more river to paddle there are more snags to navigate, more fishing to be done and more habitat to explore.

Take plenty of food and water or organise a picnic of antipasto, soft drink and sweet treat. Some guests take fishing equipment and some go for the whole day. Some go for a speed challenge with the quickest doing the whole 24km in 4 hours. Plan the day, enjoy the river and do it in comfort on River Tribes quality river kayaks - built for this kind of adventure.